This is just my little corner where i medz and reason with myself. If u find it by chance, then welcome to my world.


6 responses to “Medz


    September 3, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    So, today is the day i feel like reflecting on how lucky i am to have some folks in my life. I kno i hardly tell them how i feel but that is just me. I really appreciate them. Too many to name so i wont say any. just know that if u knew me and i know u then u have touched my life for the better. yes! even those whose intention was to get me down. you failed.. sorry! ur intention to make me fail has grown into an immunity. for those who wished me well, u have given me the strength to overcome. I said i didnt wanna name anyone but i have to touch on a few. Mr. and Mrs Griffiths… these two people were the ones with least reason to help me.. they cosigned and had faith in me even before i had proven to them my full worth. I love u guys a probably wont ever say it to u guys. my sister… she also helped with few reasons to.. u see, we really grew up on reserve resources. she pulled out first with much sacrifice and held our hands till we got out. my dad.. in a world like this.. he did way more than most fathers would. he never failed to teach me the needed of life. he taught me so well to be strong ( whether he did it by accident or not.. i dont really kno but he did..) I know he was standing by my side even when i couldnt see him there. i love u daddy. u taught me how to be a man.. my mom.. u are one string woman.. u never gave up!! u miserable and i dont understand most of what u do and why. but, one thing i know and is that u will always love your children and that u been there for us all the time (i admit, not always with a smile but u ALWAYS there!!)
    hey, i need u to get one good thing from this.. people never forget what u did for them. give a hand when u can.. big or small!! thanks for reading and welcome to my world!!


    September 4, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Today was a better day. i woke with a smile so life aint so bad. i gonna go see if i can get back in school then go play some ball with some friends. tomorrow isnt school wither so i can take it a little easy today. trying to get my head straight again and get back on the right track. dont have much time so i gotta cut this one short.


    September 5, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    today was a long day!! and it has just started. i feel so tired mentally. it is as if i cant even think about the simplest things.. Will fight it through though.. what doesnt break u makes u stronger.. and i aint breaking.. just looking to the hills from where my help comest..


    March 16, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    So, been a while since i been here. Well, i’m done with school.. for now. I have decided to take a long needed break and get my thoughts together for the first time in about nine years. For the first time I have gotten to a point where the future is not so dark and hopeless. I hope i do not get the slightest of complacent though and that I will still be going after my life’s dreams. As for now.. I have been playing a lot of soccer for fun.. u heard that? for fun!!.. I even took the chance to do some stuff I thought i was good at.. one was singing.. i now know i am not the slightest build for that.. I also tried acting.. I found a script online and rehearsed and performed it. Well… to say the least, i do not have the film anymore.. lol.. it was not the worst.. it was a bit better that the “Appliance Direct” commercials but didnt really live up to how talented I thought i was as an actor. My next venture will be to tryout for a semi pro soccer (football) team. I once was a good enough player but if i may be fair i have gotten a bit heavy and out of shape. nevertheless, i will try to make the team just so i cant say “i might have been”. Well.. thats all the time i have for today. I will be going job searching now.. I still need to remember that i live in the real world where there is this thing called bills.. lol..
    Thanks for reading!!


    March 23, 2012 at 7:09 am

    The mood of the moment is all summed up in this song.. Never have I ever felt like this!


    June 7, 2012 at 11:48 am

    Today i developed a completely new appreciation for this song… Listened it over and over and then over again. I love this song and every single line of it.. Said it all Mr. Marley!!


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